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Experimental Centre for the Valorisation of Agroecology and Endogenous Sciences and Techniques

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In a classified firewood forest: 500 ha of firewood for Cotonou, part of which had been cleared for a project. This is where the Beninese State granted them 4 ha and this is where they created the Experimentation Center for the Valorization of Agroecology. Here everything is organic.
In the garden, they practice plant rotation and associations. There are papaya trees, banana trees, garlic, onions, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, ... The cultivation of soybeans which they transform into milk, cheese (tofu), pancakes or pates, sugar cane, corn, rice which to plant at the time of the tomato harvest. Everything needed for a rich and varied diet.
A space is intended to make seeds (vegetables and cereals). They are also developing beekeeping with 5 hives especially for pollination.
On 8 other Ha they reforest, especially with food trees: breadfruit trees, avocado trees, baobabs, shea trees, soursop trees, calabash trees, apple-cinnamon trees... which they nursered.


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