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Agroecology is a 100% natural and indigenous form of agriculture, respectful of the environment and its biodiversity, and protecting human and animal health. It proposes to produce without destroying. Thus, all stages of our production process meet this requirement, including our practices in soil improvement, sowing, weeding, fertilization, pest control and harvesting.

What we grow

We put a lot of effort into the production of certain crops for their nutritional, medicinal and utilitarian values.

Vegetables & Condiments

Fotete (spinach), vernonia (amavive), African basil (tchayo), okra, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, bean varieties, peas & tubers, chili, bell pepper, tomato, mint, corn, lemongrass, cashew nuts...

Fruit & Beekeeping

Papaya, banana, lemon, orange, pineapple, breadfruit, avocado.

Medicinal plants

Artemisia annua et afra, tchayo (African basil)

Utility crops

Luffa, calabash, bamboo

Seed manufacturing

Become a sponsor

Sponsor a child

Education is the foundation of everything!
By sponsoring a child now, you are helping him or her to change their life. You are also helping to train the future builders of tomorrow. ECOLOJAH instills an innovative education adapted to African children in the rural sector, in a rich program to train the future builders of Africa. Support this vibrant youth.

Sponsor the School

Let's honor our heroes while they are still alive.
Father and mother JAH are at the base of the Back to Afrika in French-speaking black Africa that is popularized today.
Encouraged by the speech of Marcus Garvey, these two giants of Pan-Africanism are the first French-speaking Afro-descendants to have materialized the return to Africa.
This school is therefore one of the undeniable legacies that they have materialized on the ground and which we must support so that it can endure and thus educate current and future generations.
By sponsoring this school, you honor their work!

Sponsor a project

Each year the school organizes events that you can support.
By sponsoring one of the historical activities; - Kwanzaa; Black history Months, Arbor Day, Marcus Garvey day...etc.
You will contribute to the sustainability of activities that provide pan-African and historical content to the school's students through cultural, sporting and environmental events.