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CEVASTE/ECOLOJAH, l'École Endogenie Jardin de la Fraternité", is the first department of CEVASTE that Father and Mother JAH established upon their arrival in the Republic of Benin, West Africa, from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, 20 years ago.

To train and shape a new generation of African citizens

To foster a renewed love and knowledge of nature among all Africans

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The school

CEVASTE/ECOLOJAH is a pan-African and humanitarian elementary school whose main objective is "To educate and shape a new generation of proud, environmentally conscious, unity-minded African citizens with a clear vision of shared prosperity and sustainability for their continent".

All activities convey and support the very philosophy on which the Center is built: "To foster a renewed love and knowledge of nature among all Africans; children, youth, elders and allies ."

CEVASTE thus promotes an art of living centered on environmental and cultural diversity, with a plural approach (educational, practical, but also spiritual).

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The educational program

Through their unique program, they forge a different and unabashed mindset in African children and youth. Their non-sanctioned educational program complements the Beninese national curriculum with value-added, culturally-based disciplines such as agro-ecology (organic farming), pan-African history, utilitarian arts and crafts, as well as eco-citizenship, personal development and spiritual harmony.

In another sense, a dual learning process is employed using an open intergenerational dialogue, without taboos and with guided respect.


Over 3,000 Children in school

From 2000 to 2021, CEVASTE / ECOLOJAH has provided education and training to more than 3,000 children between the ages of 5 and 18 from various vulnerable rural social groups: orphans, destitute youth, dropouts, children with special educational and medical needs (disabilities), etc. We also provide support and follow-up to some of the orphans by offering financial assistance and training to help them become self-sufficient, which may include assistance in setting up their own business, pursuing higher education (university and vocational) or finding a job placement and employment.

The educational option of CEVASTE / ECOLOJAH restores a knowledge and love of self and a rediscovery of nature. It also leads to a sustainable environmental management system centered on nature, which is the only solution for a development that will benefit all Africans.

Each ECOLOJAH student and CEVASTE trainee benefits from a total and permanent immersion in a way of life where what is said is consistent with what they see and experience. Such an environment convinces them of a promising future. Once they are truly convinced, they have the power to influence their peers and parents and change the minds of those around them.

All of CEVASTE / ECOLOJAH's activities reflect and respect the very philosophy upon which the center is built: "To foster a renewed love and knowledge of nature in all Africans."

The media library

Devenez parrain

Parrainer un enfant

L'éducation est la base de toute !
En parrainant un enfant dès maintenant, vous l'accompagnez pour changer sa vie.
Vous contribuez également à former les futurs bâtisseurs de demain. ECOLOJAH inculque une éducation innovante adaptée aux enfants africains du secteur rural, dans un programme riche en vue de former les futurs bâtisseurs de l’Afrique. Soutenez cette jeunesse vive.

Parrainer l'école

Honorons nos héros pendant qu'ils sont encore vivants.
Père et mère JAH sont à la base du Back to Afrika en Afrique noir francophone qui se popularise aujourd’hui.
Encouragé par le discours de Marcus Garvey, ces deux géants du Panafricanisme sont les 1er Afro-descendants francophones à avoir matérialisé le retour en Afrique.
Cette école constitue donc un des héritages indéniables qu’ils ont matérialisés sur le terrain et dont nous nous devons soutenir afin qu'elle puisse perdurer et ainsi éduquer les générations actuelles et futures.
En parrainant cette école, vous honorez leur travail !

Parrainer une action

Chaque année, l'école organise des événements que vous pourrez soutenir.
En parrainant une des activités historiques ;- Le kwanzaa ; Black history Months, Journée de l’arbre, Marcus Garvey day…etc.
Vous contribuez à pérenniser des activités qui permettent de donner un contenu panafricain et historique aux élèves de l'école à travers des événements culturels sportifs et environnementaux.