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To train and shape a new generation of African citizens

To foster a renewed love and knowledge of nature among all Africans

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The school

CEVASTE/ECOLOJAH is a pan-African and humanitarian elementary school whose main objective is "To educate and shape a new generation of proud, environmentally conscious, unity-minded African citizens with a clear vision of shared prosperity and sustainability for their continent".

All activities convey and support the very philosophy on which the Center is built: "To foster a renewed love and knowledge of nature among all Africans; children, youth, elders and allies ."

CEVASTE thus promotes an art of living centered on environmental and cultural diversity, with a plural approach (educational, practical, but also spiritual).

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The educational program

Through their unique program, they forge a different and unabashed mindset in African children and youth. Their non-sanctioned educational program complements the Beninese national curriculum with value-added, culturally-based disciplines such as agro-ecology (organic farming), pan-African history, utilitarian arts and crafts, as well as eco-citizenship, personal development and spiritual harmony.

In another sense, a dual learning process is employed using an open intergenerational dialogue, without taboos and with guided respect.


Over 3,000 Children in school

The media library

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